Are Olympic Medals a Piece of Mens and Womens Jewellery?

Is an Olympic medal a chunk of bijou? I do know it is extra substantial then say a necklace you obtain at Goal, however does it qualify as a chunk of mens jewellery or girls’s jewellery due to its resemblance to a necklace? Possibly I am simply stretching, and I doubt that any athlete would ever put on it each day, however exterior of one thing just like the hope diamond, in my view an Olympic medal can be simply concerning the coolest piece of bijou you can ever put on. Think about strolling into a celebration with that factor on. Who would not be impressed?

I write this as I am watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Paralympic video games in Vancouver. Right here within the US the Paralympic Video games aren’t precisely “Muse-see” TV. Regardless, it is a number of the finest athletes on the earth excelling at what they do finest. It is basically the identical format because the Olympics with gold, silver and bronze medals with every athlete proudly representing their nation. The medals differ barely from the Olympic ones however nonetheless have the essential spherical design. They’re spectacular items of labor which any in a position bodied Olympian can be proud to have.

So again to my authentic level: are Olympic medals thought-about jewellery? Mirriam-Webster defines jewellery as “objects of treasured metallic typically set with gems and worn for private adornment”. That sounds just about like an Olympic medal. No jewels I do know, however a great quantity of on a regular basis jewellery does not characteristic gems. Moreover, the medals might be worn for private adornment, however like a lot different jewellery all through historical past they do not have to be. In case you go to a museum and take a look at numerous the jewellery on show a lot of it was possibly worn as soon as after which placed on show for the general public (like J-Lo’s clothes). So from definition sake it appears that evidently medals would undoubtedly be jewellery Women jewelry.

The factor is that the majority athletes would in all probability not need to put on their medals as on a regular basis put on. Apart from the truth that they might lose them (accidentally or by power), there are additionally two different components. First, you appear to be a jerk carrying an Olympic medal all over the place you go. It is like “Advantageous, we get it, you had been the most effective in your subject, now cease shoving it in our faces your caught up so-and-so”. Secondly, with the burden of the gold medal in your chest they do not precisely look comfy. It seems to be like each time they might swing and hit your chest one other bruise would happen.

So, do Olympic medals rely as items of males’s and girls’s jewellery? By definition sure. However should you ask an athlete, they might in all probability reasonably simply hold it of their show instances.

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